Hey Dolls, welcome to the hottest spot in Lindsay, ON for fashionable and affordable clothing! 

Longtime friends Holly, Shauna, and Kayla have always been passionate about fashion. The trio met in elementary school and used to call each other each morning to coordinate their outfits. They stayed best friends throughout high school and college, too! They used to dream of the day that they would open a boutique together.

Fast forward to 2020, their dream became a reality after they saw the need for trendy and affordable clothing in Lindsay. Not long after that, The Doll House opened its doors right in the heart of downtown Lindsay! It’s become the perfect spot to play dress-up while finding the most unique and high-quality items to spice up your wardrobe.

Holly, Shauna, and Kayla all have dynamic backgrounds that are an asset to the day-to-day operations at The Doll House! Holly’s diploma in Fashion Merchandising and eye for detail have been valuable for choosing unique clothing and accessories to carry in the store. Kayla’s 15+ years of experience working in retail and customer service combined with her Business Marketing degree help to ensure customers enjoy the individualized shopping experience that they receive when shopping in the store. Shauna’s diploma in Human Resources and 20+ years of customer service experience are an asset to handling all the back-end tasks that come with running a boutique. The three of them work together every day to make fashion accessible, all while making the little girls that used to dream about owning a boutique proud!

Stop by the boutique and say hello! Your inner doll will thank you!